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About us

ATNA is a web-studio focused on growing your brand and website with a person-to-person approach.

With us you’ll be so involved, you’ll feel like a designer yourself.

Our hassle-free method keeps our clients in the loop through the whole project. From start to finish you’ll be a part of the design process.

What we do

To exploit the potential of the digital, we develop unique websites and help brands with their visual image strategy.

Web Design
& Development

We create websites for businesses to simplify solutions, not to complicate the issue. You will gain a free mobile version of your website, customer support, and coaching in admin panel management. Your customized website will be fully developed to help your business grow.

Websites Without Code (Webflow/Tilda/Shopify)

Online store in two weeks, website in a week, landing page in a night—this is what we do best. Small budgets and tight schedules shouldn’t stand in the way of big ideas. We can utilize the tools provided in website constructors to maximize potential and save you time and money.

Branding & Graphic design & Printing

We understand that the strong visual presence is a key segment of a good brand. And whilst offering high quality branding and graphic design services, we also provide cost-effective solutions that are in accordance with the return on investment philosophy, for we firmly believe that you should get the most value for your money.

Internet/Web applications without code

We will prepare web applications, any website, dedicated services and shops according to all your requirements. NoCode/LowCode technology ensures their proper efficiency, speed and meeting the most difficult business assumptions.

Our process

What to expect when you work with us

There’s a lot of unreliability out there. We understand that doing business is a two-way street, and that credibility is earned and maintained through concise and consistent work.


The getting-to-know-you stage of the project: we explore what you need and any ideas you’ve got on how to achieve it. We’ll work with you to establish a clear brief, then dig into that to identify the best way to go about meeting it. Initial contact is generally via email or telephone. And if you decide you want to work with us, it's time to get together for a more detailed briefing session.


This is where we define the project scope, finalise technical requirements and implement key milestones. We’ve got a visual tracking system in-house, and you’ll get a project calendar so you can see when each stage of the project will be complete. We match each stage of the plan with a sign-off point for you, so no work goes ahead without your approval.


Everything we’ve discussed so far about your project starts to take shape in the design stage. Using what we’ve learned from you, your industry, your customers and your competitors, we’ll create a visual framework and design rules to work to. At this stage, we decide how best to move from concept to completed product, integrating form and function for the best results.


An expression of
our creativity

*feel free to get in touch with us


We are a team with the know-how. Instead of account managers, we prefer to work one-on-one with businesses — think of us as an extension of your team.

We are all individuals with wise heads, warm hearts, and busy hands who know how to take your business to the next level.

At ATNA, we are a close-knit team of professionals working around the globe.

We believe our varied background makes us stronger and more equipped to deliver solutions that work on a global scale...



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